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Real Estate Photographers

Most potential buyers check out properties online first and that is where we can help! We will create a stunning set of images which make your listings stand out! We realistically illustrate the property, and emphasize the qualities you want to share, which you can then publish online and print in your sales materials. When buyers show up, they’ll know what they are walking in to and will already be interested!
We shoot both residential and commercial real estate. With our real estate photography services, we will work with you to provide a beautiful, professional representation of your property for display and to dramatically increase interest. We apply our skill with professional lighting and lenses to create exceptional imagery and process them to perfection.

We Make You Look Your Best...

Our excellent post-processing service is always included with our real estate photography service. Utilizing our unparalleled attention to detail and retouching skills, we can ensure fantastic imagery presenting blue skies, green lawns, and accurate color. Additionally, we can correct geometric distortions and for commercial projects remove distractions such as signs, cords, marks on the carpet, and outlets & switches. We want your imagery to be striking and free of distractions.

What we offer is a premium service at a reasonable rate. We can do his because we have the skill and experience to work fast and we have 17 years of Photoshop experience behind our work polishing it to a higher standard. We would love to discuss your needs and work with you to create exciting imagery!


Our standard shoot is $115 for up to 4000 sq/ft.

  • 24-hour digital delivery
  • sharpening & accurate color
  • blue skies, if needed
  • distortion correction
  • up to 45 images
  • full resolution image files
  • no additional charge within 45 min of Louisville

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Louisville Real Estate Photographers