A Little Bit About Me

My name is Shane Elliott and I am a digital artist, photographer, and retoucher in Louisville, KY.

Shane Elliott Louisville Photographer Retoucher Image Processor Digital ArtistI’ve spent the past decade as a working photographer and retoucher, having created and processed around a quarter of a million images.  That’s a lot! And it’s been a good time.  I’ve shot headshots, portraits, real estate, commercial, and over 350 weddings.  Everything you shoot or process teaches you something.  As a kid, I remember being in the darkroom with my dad while he printed images and I was amazed by how the captured images appeared on the paper.  He never did much other than photos of our family and a few events, but the magic of seeing something and then re-creating it stuck with me.  I maintained an interest in photography for years, served in the Army for three years, lived around Seattle for a bit; but I didn’t really start getting serious about photography until around 2000, when I started using Photoshop.  Digital photography was beginning to grow at an astonishing rate and it was amazing!  The limits –  there seemed to be none – and as each year passes the technology for capture and processing continues to make leaps and bounds.  Being a part of it is exciting! You can create anything you can wrap your brain around!I enjoy working in Photoshop; correcting, enhancing, creating.  You never know everything and there is always more to learn. Every day I see something that inspires me to create, whether it is something in real life or a photo or illustration.  When I’m not photographing, processing, or something in-between (that’s usually phone calls or driving), I like to spend time with my two daughters, go running, cycling, seek out mimes and warn them about the Mimeocalype (the end is near!). Normal stuff, really. Also, like most people, I’m not comfortable having my picture taken. Considering I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of photos (not an exaggeration), it’s kind of funny. So, instead of just a portrait of myself, I’ve added a plethora of imagery from my FB, which includes some intentionally bad Photoshop, and a lot of test shots from the studio and out-takes from weddings and shoots. There are a few photos of my girls, not-delicious wedding vendor meals, and probably other stuff in there as well. If you want to get to know me, that’s a good place to start.

This is a website offering image retouching, image processing, photo restoration, digital art, and photography.